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One of many rares available to kill on the Timeless Isle.  What makes this one so special that it demands its own article?  Two things:

Albatross Express1.  Garnia is the only rare that Blizzard put insanely out of the way. Normally, to reach her you need to ride an albatross that takes forever to circle the island. You can also fly in to the zone and pop a glider to slowly reach her when your flying mount disappears. Sadly, these two options make it difficult to tag her right when she spawns.

2.  Garnia has one of the cutest World of Warcraft pet drops ever.   I mean ever.  I want.

The best way to get Garnia and her (it/he?) insanely adorable pet child (according to most Garnia farmers) is to park yourself right where she spawns, remember the time she spawns and be sure you are there. Every. Single. Hour. 

Most people tell me they just log on and off every hour to kill her. I am not that desperate to practice this method. I just don’t have the patience to just log in hourly for one thing. I need to be killing, questing and doing dailies. It’s common knowledge that if Garnia spawns and you aren’t next to her, you aren’t going to get a hit in for the loot. I can now say I found a way to get to her fast without camping, using the albatross taxi or flying out and back into the island.

Garnia Speed Run

Garnia Speed Run

The fastest way to get to Garnia while still on Timeless Isle:

To do this you must have finished the Extreme Treasure Hunter Achievement. The last part is the key here.  The Gleaming Crane Statue.

Now to do this you can’t have looted any of the chests on the sky platforms at all the week you try and farm Garnia. You don’t get much in those chests anyway so it’s better to ignore them until you get your Ruby Droplet. Want to know my secret? Well read the instructions below and you too can reach Garnia in record time WITHOUT the need for camping.

Garnia shortcut

Fight for your Garnia speed run!

1. Touch the Gleaming Crane Statue to fly up high.

2. Don’t loot any chests! If you loot chests you need to wait until the next weekly reset to use this.

3. Pop a kite or glider to take a short trip right to ruby lake.

4. Repeat until you have a Ruby Droplet.

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