Welcome to Slime Saga!

Slime Saga is a platformer based on a story I have been working on for a while. It’s my first game, and it is still in development. Slime Saga is best played with a controller. It supports keyboard controls, but it just feels better with an Xbox controller in your hand.

For those of you cool enough to get into my alpha I have posted the game updates here. For now all of this is just for the PC build. The Mac Build should be happening hopefully soon.

Please don’t share the game.

Also don’t be too/fake nice. You are all smarter people than I am in game dev so I expect honest feedback and suggestions. If you think the game is a steaming pile of fail you can say so, just phrase it nicer.  But really, honest feedback is better than fake feed back.  Just remember you are working with a guy who has a tough skin.  I can take some criticism.

Ideas and suggestions are welcome!


Alpha test version .02

Main Menu Updates

Full Controller support for the main menu added!
X button runs which menu option is currently selected.

Welcome is now the default  position you start from on the main menu.  This was due to accidental Start Clicks and it just feels more welcomey.

World and level selects added!

Level Select can now be found in the main menu.  Inside you can choose which world you would like to start from. Inside those portals are even more portals to individual levels!  No more having to play though everything over and over again!

Why are some of these level select rooms so large????

I have put serious thought into expanding the game.  I have already started working on extra levels. Ever since I added the soundtrack and tweaked some things the game seems to go much faster.  I feel like it could use some more variations of levels. I have also been working on new enemies to implement.


Bonus Room has been renamed to Cat Story. (Still Cheezy)


Controller supported updated! (Controls mapped for Xbox controller on PC)

The back button on the controller resets the level. (R on the keyboard)

The Start Button on the controller takes you to World Select. (T on Keyboard)
A still jumps!

B now drops you through moving and up platforms.  (Down arrow on keyboard)

Pause was added to the game, but only on the keyboard by pressing P.  I haven’t figured out how to map it to the controller just yet.


Game Soundtrack has been updated with even more tracks!


Known issues:

I still cannot figure out how to get enemies to face the direction they are going without messing up their ability to not fall off of platforms.. So (for now) some patrolling enemies will only face one direction.

I have not yet implemented different enemy health. All killable enemies go down in one hit.  This will change in the future.

Music volume is not even. I am trying to find a way to normalize them all, but it is an issue for now.

Bosses are still not working.  The two active boss levels just have broken bosses you can walk by.  Do so.

Our slime hero seems to very rarely & randomly get stuck on walls while jumping down… A vexing collision issue that I am actively investigating.

Camera views in a few levels still need to be cleaned up.

Some background tiles are missing in Crystal Caverns.

Gloom Woods is ugly…. I have spent so much time on the other zones that I realize its just kinda been forgotten.  The levels are for the most part done, but the assets need a complete overhaul.  That is being worked on now.

Some of the last castle levels still need decor loving.  That is also being worked on now. I hope to have a prettier build ready for you soon!



I have most of the games plot done. But I have been torn on how to implement it. And or should I just dump the whole plot and make the game super straight forward with as little plot as possible…. This is why there is only one page of story you see so far.


Game Pricing when released. 
I initially plan on releasing this on PC/Mac for about $1.00. Maybe Freemium with an option to buy out of ads if I can figure out how to do it on PC/Mac.

I might release this for tablets later on with the freemium model.  Small ads on the bottom of the screen with the option to buy out.  That is so far down the line though its not a concern for now.  I’m just putting it out there to see what you all think.

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