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Gabriel Dropout Review

If you’re looking for a fun anime to pass the time, check out Gabriel Dropout on Crunchyroll, where the angels are demonic and the demons are angelic.

Cardcaptor Sakura Review

This iconic series brought magical girls into the mainstream along with Sailor Moon. It’s cute and it actually touches on some pretty mature themes as well making it perfect for people of all ages.

School-Live! Review

School-Live! is one of the best anime I’ve watched to date. You really see the strong bond of friendship between all of the girls and you really empathize with them. The art is superb and the voice-acting is really on point. As you go through each episode you find yourself very attached to these girls and the club mascot

My Teen Romantic Comedy – SNAFU

There will never be a shortage of the cliche high school romantic comedies, which is what makes My Teen Romantic Comedy stand out even more. It’s an excellent look into the world of the social outcasts of high school with a little humor and, yes, romance peppered in.

Shirobako Review

Shirobako was one of the most disappointing and frustrating anime experiences I have ever had. It failed at everything it tried to do besides airing. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to watch this mess.

Beelzebub Review

The Nardio Review   Is Beelzebub Worth Your Time? Yes. You need to watch this.   What Should I Watch It On? So far Crunchyroll.com seems to be the only place that provides Beelzebub legally....