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Antipole DX Preview

Antipole DX is a platformer that’s inspired by the 16 and 32 bit classics that we know and love and adds gravity to the mix. I’ve been following this game for a while now and I was darn happy to get my hands on it at Gameacon and find it doing better than ever. When I first came across the game a few months ago it needed some loving. Thankfully the team behind it has tightened up the controls and put some more polish on it. Antipole DX now looks, runs and plays beautifully.

Sombrero Preview

At Gameacon this weekend the very first game I came upon was Sombrero. I have to say it was an awesome way to start the con. A a two year labor of love by Nick Robalik Sombrero is fast four player action with plenty to see and do in game. It’s an area deathmatch game with multiple modes and an awesome quirky art style.

Rohan Narang Interview

Rohan Narang Interview

A little while ago I stumbled across a hidden gem in the app store – Jack n’ Jill. Before I knew it, I found myself helplessly addicted to it and could barely tear myself away to write a review. Once I got that out of the way, I just jumped right back in. I enjoyed the game so much, I kept in contact with the developer Rohan Narang. I would bug him from time to time to find out when I could play his next game. After releasing the fun Zie Invades Earth I decided to get an interview from this insanely talented developer. I have to say this is our best game developer interview yet!

Mooff Games Interview

This week’s Interesting interview comes from two members of Mooff Games. They are the witty geniuses behind Maximus. Hands down my fave beat’em up on the iOS. I have been playing and replaying this so much, it’s kind of insane. Out of a sort of hero worshiping hope I sent them an interview request and they very graciously they accepted.