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Worth Your time:

If you’re a sucker for romance mixed with a little drama, then you’ll definitely enjoy The Vow.

Why It’s Worth It:

The Vow is a sweet movie that is great for date night. For some, it might be a little too sugary and fairy tale-esque, but the movie is based on a true story. What really sells the movie though is Rachel McAdams’ effortless effervescence and Channing Tatum’s awkward charm. Their relationship with each other seems effortless and there is a definite chemistry between them. Tatum might not be on the same acting level as McAdams, but there’s some memorable one-liners that he has and there’s plenty of shirtless Tatum time. The ending is not unpredictable, but the journey is full of surprises, tears, laughter and love.

Spoiler Alert!!!

Do not read if you don’t want spoilers!!!

How hard would you fight for the person you love if they’ve forgotten all about you? This is the premise of the movie. Paige (McAdams) loses her memory from the past five years, which means she forgets all about her husband Leo (Tatum). She can’t remember why she broke off her engagement with Jeremy (Scott Speedman), left law school and hadn’t talked to her family in the past five years. It isn’t until the end of the movie, after Paige has pretty much left Leo, that she discovers the truth. After confronting her mother about it, Paige decides to once again pursue her own life. She drops out of law school for the second time to continue her work as a sculptor in the city and eventually reconnects with Leo.

I though the the movie was well-executed. Despite the heart-wrenching idea of having the one you love completely forget about you, the movie is surprisingly light. There isn’t as much melodrama as you would expect and it’s nice to see a romance happen twice. Overall if you’re in the mood for something so sweet it’ll give you cavities, check out The Vow. And guys, it’s ok to tear up a little.


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