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 Tiny Furniture

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What Should I Watch it On?

It doesn’t really matter if you watch it in Blu-Ray or DVD.


What Did You Think Without Spoiling It?

Maybe I’m not “hip” or “with it” but honestly, the movie was all sorts of bland to me. I could care less about all of the characters. Lena Dunham’s struggle to find herself after college didn’t mean anything to me at all. Yeah, I get what the movie is going for but I really didn’t care at all about Dunham’s plight.


Why It Fails

There’s nothing likable about Dunham’s character or any of the other characters in the Tiny Furniture for that matter aside from her college friend and maybe her sister. I can kind of understand her plight, I mean, yeah we’ve all been there, but I just can’t bring myself to sympathize. I had zero interest in her life, what she was doing, what she was going through. I felt like this is a movie I should have connected with, but I couldn’t find myself invested at all. I would put Tiny Furniture in the same genre as Emo music. It’s a movie that thinks it has emotional depth, but in reality it’s vapid and lacks any real substance. I was bored throughout the entire movie, not only because of the slow pace but because I didn’t care. I can appreciate a good, slow-building movie, but Tiny Furniture, like Dunham’s character, seems like it’s going nowhere.


In Closing

Don’t rent Tiny Furniture, even if it’s free. I’ve heard a lot of praise for Dunham on her work and honestly, I don’t really feel compelled to watch it after seeing this movie. If Girls is just a lengthier Tiny Furniture, I honestly have no interest. I’m also very disappointed that this was made into a Criterion Collection movie. There are far better indie flicks, like Safety Not Guaranteed, that deserve that prestige.

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