Recently I reviewed Beatdown! and was left so impressed by it that I just had to know more. This week’s Interesting Interview comes from the founder of Woblyware.  He is the man behind Beatdown! and many other fun flash and iOS games that you know and love. If you haven’t already experienced Beatdown! go buy it. If you’re nervous read our review first, then go buy it! Don’t forget to check out Random Heroes. 


Woblyware Logo

Woblyware Interview Questions:

Nardio: Lauri can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Lauri Paakinaho and I am the founder of Woblyware. I do design, graphics, programming and audio for games.

Nardio: Can you tell us how Woblyware got started?

I started to make games in my spare time and eventually it became a full time job for me.

Nardio: What inspired you to jump into the gaming industry?

It just sort of happened. My hobby turned into a job.

Nardio: Did you go to school for game design?

Nope, I studied programming.

Nardio: What inspires you when making a game?

All the great games that I’ve spent most of my life playing.

Nardio: Can you tell us a bit about Beatdown! and its creation? How long did it take, thought process behind it, funny stories, etc.?

Beatdown! Park Fight


I’ve mostly made platform games so far and wanted to make something different so I ended up working on a beat ’em up. It was probably the hardest and most time consuming project I’ve ever made. It took about 9 months make.


Nardio: What is the most challenging part of making a new game?

I guess the hardest part is figuring out what you want to make and how to make it fun. Once you have a simple prototype that’s fun to play it’s easy to add more content to it.

Nardio: How does it feel to have made several great games?

It feels great that people enjoy my games. Hearing someone say they like my games really motivates me in my work.

Nardio: Can you explain your process of making a game?

Usually I just come up with some small idea which I want to turn into a game. Like with Beatdown I thought about this guy getting fired and then going on to kick his bosses ass. After the initial idea I figure out what type of game would fit the idea. Then I just start working.

Nardio: What program/s did you use to make Beatdown!?

I create all of my games in flash. Eventually they come out as flash games or end up ported to the iOS by Ravenous Games.

Nardio: How do you feel about the iOS app store?

The App store is great for small developers like me. Even relatively small games can do well in the App store which is great.

Nardio: What apps do you enjoy playing?

Most recently I’ve played Flow Free and Earn to die.

AcidRain pic, AcidRain in action


Nardio: What else do you play/ do for fun when not making a game?

I don’t really play games all that much anymore. Mostly I read books or watch movies.

Nardio: What App companies do you look to as an example?

Mika Mobile and Halfbrick make awesome games and hopefully I can reach the same level of quality one day.

Nardio: What is your dream type of game to make someday?

A Castlevania or Metroid style exploration platformer would be fun to make.

Nardio: What gadgets can’t you live without?

My iPhone.

Nardio: Can you tell us a little more about what else we can be expecting from you?

Games 🙂


If you like this interview leave a comment and let us know what else you would like us to ask next time.  Check out the rest of our Interesting Interviews!

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