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Zombiegal Kawaii main

Is it worth your time?

Sadly No


What should I play it on?

Zombiegal Kawaii  is an universal app for iOS 4.0 or later.  The art is so darn cute that you want the bigger screen to appreciate it.


What did you think without spoiling it?

Zombiegal Kawaii is a side scrolling shooter/beat ’em up that uses insanely adorable art and voice work to keep things very light.  Along the way you will shoot and slice your way through large hordes of the most adorable zombies ever created. Sadly, it’s a Freemium game that puts the cash grab ahead of the fun.


How it plays and why it fails:

Fear the adorable Zombiegal Horde!!!

Fear the adorable Zombiegal Horde!!!

Ughhhhh this makes me sad. I want to love this game, I really do. Zombiegal Kawaii has really cute art, and sound effects. The voice acting is just funny and endearing, but sadly the game is a Freemium fail that forces you to grind endlessly or pay real cash for special currency items to progress. The art is great the music is catchy, but the cash grab just ruined the game.

Sooo cute!

Sooo cute!

Controlling your adorable Zombiegal killer is painfully slow at first until you buy a walking speed upgrade and level it up a few times. You can get along okay for a while, but soon enough you find you need to grind a little to get ahead. Then you get a bit further and you pretty much hit the pay wall. You just start going against hordes of adorable Zombiegals that pretty much overpower you every time. The stages are randomized so if you do feel like grinding you can go against different kinds of Zombiegal hordes over and over until you find one that’s beatable. Sadly, the pay wall is unavoidable. You will eventually find yourself hopelessly outgunned. Grinding will only get you so far in this game. Trust me I tried.

There is also a multiplayer mode here, but no one else is ever on.

If it wasn’t for the price gouging I would have gladly paid .99 cents for the game. It has tons of promise. Unfortunately, that promise is ruined by shortsighted design.  It’s a shame because you can find amazing Freemium games like Jane Wilde that give similar but superior gameplay that doesn’t force you to pay a dime.


Avoid this.



Basic Info:

  • 1 player game.
  • Online Multiplayer…that never works
  • Ads in between games
  • Free!!!
  • 76.5 MB


Web Links:

App Store:

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