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Neon Shadow review

Neon Shadow is a retro inspired modern looking first person shooter that just landed on Steam. Check out our review inside.

Love You to Bits Review

Love you to bits is an amazing and endearing experience that just so happens to be a point and click app for the iOS. It’s amazing. Ready why inside.

Telepaint Review

Telepaint is our new faviorte puzzle platformer on iOS. Catchy music, great art and challenging gameplay make this a must own.

Swapperoo Review

I love Match-3 games, but I thought the genre had become far too saturated to introduce any new mechanics. Boy, was I wrong! Swapperoo uses the same idea of matching 3 or more tiles but adds a fun twist.

BLOCnog Review

BLOCnog is a gloriously simple yet challenging puzzle game that works perfectly on touch screen devices. I’m over 30 levels in and I love it. One finger swipe to move, gameplay along with short puzzles make this perfect for pick up and go gaming or long puzzle bursts on the couch or plane. At $1.99 BLOCnog is a steal.

Starlit Adventures preview

This is just a few early impressions because I think I am only a quarter of the way in. Starlit Adventures is kind of blowing my mind right now. This game feels so polished I’d swear Starlit Adventures is an official Nintendo game. The character design, sound effects and gameplay so far are just insane considering this is a “Freemium” game.